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ANDOR Revolution DSD 沒有採用雷射作為激發光源, 而是採用改良的金屬鹵素燈. 可以同時取的最多 4 通道的螢光影像.

高速的多針孔碟片, 高速取像, 避免螢光漂白, 最適合螢光影像, 長時間影像擷取, 活細胞影像的實驗., 或者, 活體樣本的實驗.

技術原理與系統圖示 : ( Youtube video )

Real-time control and viewing
Switch wavelength and mode in real time between wide field and confocal with one mouse click.
Full spectrum, laser-free

Excitation 380-700 nm using Andor's 200 W, DC-stabilized, high intensity, metal halide source.
Excellent confocality

Active background rejection ensures strong, clear optical sections even at low magnification.
High throughput

Efficient disk design delivers 50% transmission in high sectioning mode (HS) and 25% in high contrast (HC).
Highly cost effective

Revolution® DSD is designed for high levels of performance with easy alignment and low maintenance.
Ideal for live cells and embryos
Operating from 10X to 100X, makes DSD suitable for live cell, tissue and whole embryo applications.
Immuno, GFPs, ratio labels

Broad spectrum source and filter selection allows use of visible and NIR optical probes.
Integrates with any microscope
DSD connects to any side port and we offer customized supports for upright designs. Flexibility is a key goal.
Andor Clara – best in class camera
Clara delivers the best interline CCD camera performance with lowest read noise and extended spectral range.
High performance light source
200 W DC stabilized, delivers twice the output of 120W models with 2000 hour, alignment-free lamp cartridge.
Active background rejection

Patented optical design combines in-focus and out-of-focus light to reject background and deliver high contrast

ANDOR Revolution DSD 規格

Imaging                   Up to 4 wavelengths per experiment

Excitation range        380 - 650 nm

Emission range         410 - 750 nm

Frame rates (max)    11 fps (1:1 binning)   20 fps (2:2 binning)

Confocality               1.2 μm and 0.9 μm FWHM (with plan-apo 60X/1.4 NA objective)


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