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Scientific CCD camera

iKon CCD Series

Large area, high QE, low noise, -100°C cooled CCD

The iKon slow scan CCDs offer industry-leading low-noise performance, alongside unparalleled thermoelectric cooling to -100°C, enabling better signal-to-noise at longer exposure times than other cameras on the market.The iKon series offer up to 5MHz readout for rapid frame rate acquisition or fast focusing, along with
direct USB 2.0 connectivity to PC.

The iKon-M platform includes a 1 Megapixel NIR-enhanced Deep Depletion model, ideal for Bose-Einstein Condensation. The iKon-M ‘PV Inspector’ has been designed specifically for Photovoltaic Inspection.
The iKon-L is a revolutionary 4 megapixel, high-sensitivity CCD platform, delivering outstanding field of view, resolution and dynamic range. This platform is used widely across Astronomy and Bio-Imaging OEM applications.

UltraVac™ cooling to -100°C
Up to 2048 x 2048 pixel sensor format
95% peak QE and extremely low noise floor
Multiple digitization rates up to 5MHz
Deep Depletion near-IR version available
USB 2.0 plug and play connectivity
Windows and Linux compatibility
OEM-friendly design and support

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